Date of birth: 27.12. 1973

Graduate Acting – Drama at the Private school of Performing Arts, Prague 4 - Michle
Since 2004 has permanent engagement at the Theater „Pod Palmovkou“ 

2013-2014 „PRAYER FOR KATEŘINA HOROVITZOVA“ role: Bedřich Brensky, director: Petr Kracik

Theater „Pod Palmovkou“: 
"CHICAGO" - director: S.Moša, role: B.Flynn
"Mr. Swann’s Tenants" - director: Antonín Procházka, role: Norman 
„CYRANO“ - director: Petr Kracik, role: de Guiche 
"ATTENTION, Jaguar" - director: Peter Svojtka, role: Hiltop 
"VIVAT REGINA" - director: Petr Kracik, role: Bothwell 
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" 
"Promises, promises" - director: Zdeněk Czernin, role: Chuck Bellock 
"GAZDINA ROBA" - director: Petr Kracik, role: Samko Jagoš 
"MOURNING BECOMES ELEKTRA" - director: Petr Kracik, role: Orin 
"THE TEMPES" - director: Petr Kracik, role: Ariel 
"GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS" - director: Petr Kracik, role: John Williamson
"ONCE Again, Professor" - director: Antonín Procházka, role: Daniel
"EDITH AND MARLENE" - director: L. Pechacek, role: Theo
"Despite the strict ban touches SNOW" - director: Antonín Procházka, role: Russian 
"BACK TO THE HELL" - director: Petr Kracik, role: Jill

„MY FAIR LADY“ – dir: Gustav Skála, role: Prof. Higgins - Theater Usti nad Labem
"WEST SIDE STORY" - director: I. Žantovská, role: Riff - Theater Usti nad Labem 
"Hop Pickers" - director: T. Šimerda, role: Filip
“Dancing hall"- director: Irena Žantovská, role: Cool Hand - Congress Center 
"ALADIN" - director: Gustav Skála, role: Gin - Theater Usti nad Labem


"Why should not to drown?“ - director: Petr Nikolayev, role: "Catfish" 
"THE HOSPITAL IN THE EDGE OF CITY 20 years BEYOND "- director: Hynek Bočan, role:" Mudr Hynek Hat 
"The magic of evil" - director: Mikhail Kozakov, role: "John Ames, a Russian TV series

2017 “CELEBRITY“ director: Miloš Šmídmajer, feature film
2013-2015 „BABOVŘESKY I.-III." role: Robert“, director: Zdeněk Troška, feature movie - trilogy
2011 "BASTARDS 2", role: Deputy Mayor, directed by: J. Lengyel, feature movie
2011 "TOMORROW, FOREVER ", role: Jakub, directed by: R.Havlík, feature movie
2010-11 „FAMILY“ – role: „Honza“, directed by: Dušan Klein, feature movie
2010 „HABERMAN’S MILL“ - role: „Pištěk“, directed by: Juraj Herz, feature movie
"TMA" - directed by: Juraj Herz, role: "policeman" - film 
"ALL IN ONE" - director: Karel Zalud, role: "Pavel", TV film 
"Rescueress" - director: Moris Issa, role: "Kolman", TV production 
"The Government Inspector" - director: Viktor Polesný, role: "Děržimorda, TV film 
"Hitchhiker" - director: Karel Janak, role: "Tomas", TV production 
"CONGRESS home coming" - director: Viktor Polesný, role: "Franz Adler, valued at the International Film Festival - Reims 2000, TV film 
"Medieval Europe" - director: Christian Twente, the role of "William Klier, feature documentary, Germany 
"The devil's own luck", director: Zdeněk Troška, role: "The Servant" 
"VICTOR KLEMPERRER" - director: Kai Wessel, the role of "Soldier", TV series, Germany

Dubbing, moderation, advertising, collaboration with FAMU students, dance/ dancing - International class of Latin American dance, classification "B" - the standard dance.

Other skills: English language

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