Date of birth: October, 1960

Language skills: Deutsch(12 years residence in Munich), English

1973 - 1981 Dance Conservatory at Prague

1981 - 1987 Ballet soloist at Laterna Magica Theatre – „The Snow Queen“,  
„One day in Prague“ – „Magic cirkus“ – „Pragensia“ – „Žvanivý slimejš“

"A Love between the rain-drops“ charakter:“Paja“ - the female lead role - (critics award for Best Actress - Columbia), dir: K. Kachyňa 
"The last party" – „Christiane“ a lead role, dir. M. Zabransky 
"Lifeguard and Vratko“ , „Princess“ - the main role, dir. Ťapák, SK 
"Hop and the Ape" - Supporting Actor 
"Everyone must be in his pajamas" - Supporting Actor, directed by Jaroslav Papoušek, CR 
"Trip to the youth" - Gita - the main role, dir. Palo Haspr, SK 
"Delectric luck - Beanie - one of the main roles, directed by J. Herz, SK, Germany 
"Gagmann - Joya - Leading role (Film + TV Series - Silver prices rose from Montreaux), directed by J. Herz 
"Frog Prince" - the nanny - Rosa, dir. Juraj Herz, Germany 
"The Emperor's New Clothes" - Maria, Germany, directecd by J. Herz 
"Stupid Augustine" - the title role - (Bavarian State Prize), Germany, directed by J. Herz 

"Old Curiosity Shop" (2 parts) - the main role, dir. A. Moskalyk, Czech TV 
"Transit" the title role, J. Dudek - Matějovský, Czech TV 
"Dog" , the title role, J. Dudek, Czech TV 
"Juno and Avos" (a rock musical) - the main role, T. Šimerda, Czech TV 
"Life and Death of Peter Brandl - one of the main characters, J. Adamec, Czech TV 
"Confusion in the theater" - Supporting Actor, J. Bonaventura, Czech TV
"Check - Mat" (musical) - the main role, L. Rychman, Czech TV
"Crime at the post office" - a small role, J. Dudek, Czech TV
"The bitter smell of summer" - a small role, P. Háša, Czech TV
"Lesser Tales" (2 parts) - a small role, Czech TV
"White cat" - the main role, L. Koutná, Czech TV
"Summer Fairy Tale" - the main role, V. Jordan, Czech TV
'Big cat fairy tale - the main role, L. Koutná, Czech TV
"Pub in quiet sleep" - Supporting Actor, E. Sedlář, Czech TV
"Fairy Tale of the meadow saffron" - the main role, V. Janečková, Czech TV
"How come Jaromil to happiness" - the main role, V. Janečová, Czech TV
"Pihulka and Kanka - princess, dir. J. Pokorná - Makoszová, Czech TV
"Playing for reading" - a princess, dir. J. Pokorná - Makoszová, Czech TV
Golden fern "- the title role, directed by Jiří Weiss, CTV 
"Love is stronger than death" - Julia (ZDF), dir. J. Herz 
"Wolfgang" (3 parts) - Annerl Gottlieb - ORF-ZDF, dir. J. Herz 
„As I came to the Princesses "- documentary T. Herz, dir. J. Herz, CR 
"Secret Dreams" - Jane, directed by Juraj Herz, Czech TV

Theater (drama) 
"Alice in Wonderland" - the title role - Jiří Wolker’s Theatre, dir. K. Texl 
"Rumcajs - Cipísek - JIří Wolker‘s Theater 
"Shine, shine a superstar" - Bonnie - the main role - Vinohrady Theater, J. Dudek 
"Pierrot and Colombine" and - Colombina – Žižkov‘s Theater 
"Blboun" - Maggie - Theater „Na Fidlovačce“, dir. J. Herz 
"Sweet Secrets" - Jane - the main role - Theater „Na Fidlovačce“, dir. J. Herz 

Choreography and assistant director 
"JežišMariaJosef - - Theater „Na Fidlovačce
"It's a bird" – „Bez Zábradlí“ Theater 
"Such a trigger" - „Bez Zábradlí“ Theater 
"Oil Lamp" – „Na Jezerce“ Theater  
"A glass of sherry - „Na Jezerce“ Theatre

1st Assistant DIRECTOR - FILM 
"The Emperor's New Clothes" - feature tale (BRD - CR) 
"Wolfgang" - series, TV movie (Austria - BRD) 
"Maigret and the head of a man" - TV (France) 
"Paganini" - producer, architect, asist. director- music video „Pavel Šporcl“ 
"Darkness" - a feature horror, R. J. Herz 

Author Cooperation - writing short stories, articles, interviews for magazines – „Mariance“, „Beautiful lady, „Sanquis“, „55“ 

Moderation of a books christening events, advertising cooperation, etc. 



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