Date of birth: 14.6. 1976

Since 1999 member of the „Pod Palmovkou“ Theater at Prague 
1996-99's involvement in the West Bohemian Theatre in CHeb 
Graduate at Private Acting School in Michle, Prague

Divadlo pod Palmovkou:
Petr Kracík "Saint Jane" - Saint Jane
E. Rostand "Cyrano de Bergerac" - Roxana 
G. Preissová "Gazdina roba" - Eva 
L. Laholm "Sunspots" - Tereza 
A. Walk "Once again, Professor" - Natasha 
A. Walk "Despite the strict ban on touching the snow" - Ester 
AP Chekhov "The Cherry Orchard" - Duňaša 
P. Kohout "Poor Murderer" - Second Actress 
P. Shaffer "Amadeus" - Catherine 
LN Tolstoy, "The Government of darkness" - Akulina 
JW Goethe "The Sorrows of Young Werther" - Lotta 
E. Pataki 'Edith and Marlene "- Momone 
M. Gorkoj "Summer Guests" - Sonya

Cheb City Theatre: 
T. Williams "Our town" - Emmy 
JW Goethe "Urfaust" - Margarita 
motion performance "Roulette" 
M. Eben "Kocourek Modroočko - Zelenoočka 
JK Tyl "Strakonický piper" - Dorotka 
"Fanfan la Tulipe" - Adelaide 

Other Theatres:
2016 “SOAP PRINC” musical, Brodway Theatre
2014 „MORTAL FRIENDS“ director: Jiří Seydler, Rytířská Theatre
2012 „FRANKIE A JOHNY“ role:“Frankie“, director: Petr Kracík, Rytířská Theatre
2010 „WHITE NIGHTS“ role: „Nastěnka“, director: Jaromír Pleskot-Petr Kostka, Theater Viola
2009 "Lots of laughter and some tears - divadlo Viola 
2004 - musical "Blood Brothers" - Mrs. Lyons / Palace Blanik / 
2003 - musical comedy "I Love You, But ..." / Palace Blanik, small stage at the Theater „Na Fidlovačce“ / 
2003 - FM Dostoevsky's White Nights "/ Theater Miriam - Strašnice / 
2001 - GB Shaw "Chocolate Hero" - Rajni / Theater „U Hasičů“ / 
2001 - Shakespeare " Love vain attempt" - Summer Shakespeare Festival
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2019 “My story” director: Libor Adam, role: Helena, feature film
2018 “Women on the run” diector: Martin Horský, role: Marcela, feature film
2018 “Specialists” role: Andrea Musilová, TV NOVA series
2018 "Profesor T" director: Tomáš Mašín, role: Sylva Drexnerová, TV NOVA series
2018 “Summer with gentlemanem” director: Jiří Adamec, role: Klára
2017 "INSPEKTOR MAX“, TV series
2016 “THE DARK LAND”, TV Prima series
2016 "STUCK WITH A FINE LADY", director: Tomáš Hoffman
2016 “THE SPOOKS” role: Mrs. Patricie, director: Zdeněk Troška, feature film
2014-15 "WINEMAKERS", director: Vojtěch Moravec, Dan Wlodarczyk, TV series
2014 “PATHS HOMEWARD“, director: Jiří Adamec, TV series
2013 “SHOPPING CENTRE“ role: „Director“,  director: Petr Slavík, TV series
2011-12 "JOURNEY HOME ", directed by: J.Adamec, TV Prima series
2011 "PRIVATE TRAPS - MARRIAGE OR LIFE, directed by: T.Kopáčová, Czech TV
2011 "SECRET OF OLD PISTOL ", directed by: Ivo Macharáček, Czech TV
2010-11 „FAMILY“ role: „Žofie“, directed by: Dušan Klein, feature movie
2010-11 „SURGERY IN THE ROSE GARDEN 2“ – role : „Monika Mandlová“, directed by : Jan Pecha, TV series
2010 „HIPPODAMIA“, role : „Hippodamie“, directed by: Věra Šustíková, Zdeňek Fibich Company
2010 „BLUNDERS“, role : „Šárka“, directed by : David Sís, Czech TV
" Why should not drown " - CT TV series, directed by: Petr Nikolayev 
„A 10 ways of love“ - CT1 production, directed by: Viktor Polesný 
„Insurance company of luck“ - Nova TV Channel series since 2003, director: Jiri Adamec 
„Swimming pool“ - Prima TV Channel TV series of 2005, director: Vladimir Drha 
„Gendarme humoresky - CT TV series 
„The battle for Bohemian Agnes treasure“ - competitive cycle Czech TV 
„The pharmacist sgirl“ – Czech TV series, directed by: Anna Procházková

Practice moderation:
Series Contest (Czech TV), New Year's Eve (Czech TV), Heart for children - charity project (TV Prima), StarDance (CT1), Star of My Heart (Czech TV), Clever (Nova TV ), Secrets of the famous (TV Prima)
Breakfast with NOVA News: 
Babeta - Family television show (CT)
Language skills: Fr
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