Date of birth: 29.06. 1989

Conservatory of Prague – Music and drama dept.

2019 „SVJ”director: Jiří Havelka, role: Zahrádková, feature film
2017 „DABING STREET“ director: Petr Zelenka, CT TV series
2017 „SEŠLOST“ feature film
2016 "BAREFEET ON STUBBLE" director: Jan Svěrák, feature film
2016 “FIVE DEAD DOGS” role: Kristýna Horová, director: Jan Hřebejk, Czech TV series
2016 “CLAY'S POV” role: Cate, director: Paul Donovan, Super Channel Canada's TV series
2016 “BLUE SHADOWS” role: Kristýna Horová, director: Viktor Tauš, Czech TV series
2016 “A VOTE FOR ROMAN KING” director: Václav Křístek, Czech TV movie
2015 “50-KM RUN” role: Katka, director: Vojtěch Kotek, feature film
2014 „LAPUTA” role: Johanka, feature film
2014 „REPORTERSI” role: Hedvika, director: Dan Svátek, Czech TV series
2014 „CASE FOR AN EXORCIST” role: Lenka, director: Jan Hřebejk, feature film TV film
2014 "SIGN OF A HORSE II." role: Klára, director : Milan Cieslar, Czech TV series
2014 "LIFE IS LIFE " role: Lenka, director: Milan Cieslar, feature film
2012 „PLEASURE“ role: French woman
2012 „THERAPY II.“ director: Lenka Wimmerová, Jaroslav Fuit, Petr Zelenka, HBO series
2012 „SONS OF A GUN“ role: "Roza", director: Roman Kašparovský, feature film
2012 „INNOCENT LIES“ role: "Iris", director: Martin Dolenský, TV film Czech TV
2012 "MISSING" role: Oksana, director: Steve Shill, US series
2011 "ALOIS NEBEL" role: Dorothe, director: Tomáš Luňák, feature film
2011 „THE BORGIAS“ role: „Silenita“, director: Oliver Hirschbiegel, co-production TV series
2010 „CSI ANGEL“ role: „Klára“, directed by: Jiří Chlumský aj., TV series
2009- 10 "SIGN OF A HORSE" role: Klára, directed by: Milan Cieslar, Czech TV series
2009 "2GRAPES" role: Klárka, directed by: Vlad Lane, feature movie
2008 "THE EARTH PARADISE" role: Gábina, dir. by Irena Pavlásková, feature film
2008 "THE HELL with Princess" role: Aneta, director: Miloš Šmídmajer, fairy tale movie
2008 "VIVAT KNIGHTS !" - role: Jana, directed by: Karel Janak, TV series, CZ TV
2008 "NEW SON" – dir. by Zdeněk Zelenka, TV film, Czech TV
2008 „THE PRIVATE TRAP – „ The Gout"- TV film, NOVA TV Channel,
2008 „BLACK AMBULANCE ", role „Sylva“, TV film , NOVA TV Channel,
2008 „A devil’s quile“ role:" Yveta“ , director: Jiří Strach, TV film, CT
2007 "BRAINSTAR" role: "Eliza" director: Jiří Strach, TV film, CT
2007-08 "Berry" role: "Klara", directed by Tomas Bařina, feature film
2007-08 "A Country Side Teacher" role: "Ladybird", directed by: Bohdan Slama, feature film
2007-08 "Wedding on the battlefield" role: "Sophie", directed by: Dušan Klein, feature film
2007 "Trapasy - A distinctive education" role: " Majda ", director: Zdeněk Zelenka
2006-07 "PLACE IN THE LIFE II" role: "Aneta", director: Jiri Chlumsky, TV NOVA series
2006 "The Rafters" - role "Radka", director: Karel Janak, feature film

2018- 2019 “AMERIKÁNKA”  director: Viktor Tauš, Na Jatkách Theatre
2015-2016 “ROMEO AND JULIET” role: Juliet, directed by SKUTR, The Summer Shakespeare Festival
2013 "DRIVERS" director and choreography: Lenka Vagnerová, Ponec Theatre, dance show
2010 „DESIRES AND REGRETS“ role: „Anka“, directed by David Jařab, Comedy Theatre
2010 "LULU" role: "Lulu", directed by David Jařab, Comedy Theatre
2009 "Too Much fuss just for nothing" role: Héró, directed by Michal Lang, Švanda Theatre, Praha
"Public‘s excluded" role: Estelle, directed by Michal Pear, „Rubín“ Theatre, Praha

2007 - ad "OXFORD - The wind, for France and overseas,
2007 – ad "G4 DIGITAL Pixies, for USA
2006 - ad "VIRGIN AIRLINES“ for GB
1995 – advertisement "ALFA BUTTER“ – for Czech Rep.
1994 – ad "LENTILKY candies". for CR

Dabing: „The Smurfs II.“, „Sixteen“
Design Award moderation
2x participation in dance festivals:
USA 2x , Mexico, Turkey, China, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria, SK
2006 - dance show Clockhause
2006- dance show for jewelry Larvy
music video clip "Winnie" of the band „LUCIE“

3 years tenure at Fantasy Dance - studio of acrobacy,
DANCES: Latin-American dances and folk dances – 15 years of racing,
2006 - jewelry LARVY dance show
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